Adopt a Highway

With more than 100,000 acres of right-of-way to maintain along a State Highway System that stretches almost 16,500 miles, you might imagine that litter can become quite a problem. In 2012 alone, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department spent more than $4.8 million and 100,000 man-hours picking up 58,536 cubic yards of litter. That’s a lot of trash along our highways!

Your organization can help reduce the impact litter has on our environment by participating in the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Adopt A Highway program. Since 1987, more than 2,500 organizations have adopted stretches of Arkansas highways across the state. The Adopt A Highway program has increased public awareness of what it takes to maintain the highway right-of-way while providing an opportunity for volunteers to become personally involved in keeping Arkansas beautiful.

When you adopt an Arkansas highway, we will:

  • Coordinate litter pick-up activities with your organization and monitor for safety;
  • Furnish safety vests, advance warning signs and trash bags;
  • Dispose of trash bags you fill with litter;
  • Install signs printed with your organization’s name to provide public recognition of the community service you are providing.

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