Arkansas Earthquakes

Most Arkansans don’t think about earthquakes when they list the natural hazards they see as risks to this state, but numerous earthquakes do occur in Arkansas every year. While most of these tremors are far too small to be felt by humans, there is an ever present risk of a catastrophic earthquake occurring along an area known as the New Madrid Seismic Zone which is partially located in the northeastern portion of our state. The largest earthquake risk in Arkansas falls within 34 counties that stretch out from the fault down into eastern and central Arkansas but that doesn’t mean the rest of the state is earthquake free. Earthquakes can and do happen all over the Natural State.

Unlike other natural disasters that hit our state (severe weather including tornadoes, floods and ice), earthquake are impossible to predict. The only time to prepare for an earthquake is now, before an earthquake occurs. This page is meant to help you and your family prepare for an earthquake. The information found here will teach you what to do before, during and after an earthquake to stay safe and recover quickly.

Drop, Cover, Hold On


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